My name is Leon Feingold, and I co-founded the House of Good Deeds in 2017 with the love of my life, Yuanyuan Wang. We met in Shanghai in 2012 when she hosted me for one night as a couchsurfer, and I returned the favor later that year when she visited NYC. We dated seriously through 2015 and 2016, and at the end of 2016 I proposed. Two days later, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

We were completely overwhelmed. But the support we received from family, friends, and strangers around the world represented the best of humanity. Our communities raised thousands of dollars for her medical care, leveraged personal connections to get her into the best cancer programs possible at Memorial Sloan Kettering, contacted politicians to fly her entire family here from China within days, and pulled off a wedding within one week for 300 people, with hundreds more watching online. Everything from the decorations to the food to the band was handmade or donated.

When we exchanged vows, we vowed to our guests to pay this love and support forward.

Two months later, in January 2017, we co-founded the House of Good Deeds, based on Ten Principles:

Self Reliance

Self Improvement


Communal Building

Good Deeds






Two months after we were founded, Yuanyuan passed away. Our first official event was giving away everything she owned, to anyone who needed it. Every month since, we have hosted events in line with our mission: leading by example to improve the world and build community through Altruism – everyone, everywhere, every day.

This year alone we have organized neighborhood cleanups, blood drives, community education classes, food rescue, COVID relief, and we’ve rescued and distributed tens of thousands of pounds of clothing, shoes, housewares, electronics, furniture, and food to groups and individuals in need. Every service we offer is free.

We are looking for three things, and hoping you can help us:

1) Financial donations to underwrite our expenses (fuel, insurance, storage, etc. is paid by our volunteers if we don’t collect enough from the community);

2) New ideas to improve the world and build community through Altruism;

3) Connections to help us grow. We need PR, graphic design, organizational outreach, storage, drivers, and grant writing assistance. All are welcome and appreciated. We are also willing and able to provide fiscal sponsorships to give tax exempt status to any other initiatives in line with what we do.

Learn more about our Ten Principles and how we live them at HouseOfGoodDeeds.org and find us on Facebook and Instagram at @theHouseOfGoodDeeds. We’re excited about our future and hope you’ll each be a part of it.

-Leon Feingold, Founder