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Everyone has the power to improve the world by giving selflessly what they have to spare: time, money, effort, items, or knowledge.

Altruism is the mindset behind selfless donation. It empowers us at the House of Good Deeds to connect people and create community around the world. We help those in need, redeploy underutilized resources, avoid waste, provide volunteer opportunities, and encourage all people to be better people.

Make a Donation →

We are a 501c3 charity with no paid staff or salaried workers. Every dollar we collect goes directly to the HoGD and the communities we support. Click below to donate any amount you like, and take a full tax exemption. Ask whether your company will match it!


Spread the Word →

Tell your friends and family about Altruism and how it’s changed you for the better. There’s no better way to help people help themselves than to become an active advocate yourself.

Join the House of Good Deeds →

We’re always looking for volunteers, as well as projects and causes which our volunteers can support. We also have openings on our Advisory Council to help guide our activities, as well as spots on our Executive Board if you have experience helping or running charities.

Help Us Grow →

We’re active in the metro NYC area, but we hope to grow into other cities and communities around the world. Let us know if you’d like to start a House of Good Deeds in your area!

Our Wish List →

We want to find a home in the NYC area where we can meet and support each other and our community in practicing Altruism, where we can collect and give away donated items, where we can share our story and welcome new members. We’d love to be donated such a space: a building, a floor, a storefront. Do you know of such a place? Can you help us help others?

Send us a message if you still have questions