The House of Good Deeds

Want to help people who help people, and have your donation actually make a difference?

This fundraiser supports the House of Good Deeds and every contribution makes a direct and significant impact, whether $10 or $1000.

We don’t sell the thousands of clothes, shoes, housewares, and food items we collect and distribute for free every month, so our funding comes from people like YOU.

Insurance, fuel, storage costs, maintenance on our vehicles – whatever you can afford to chip in, that’s where it goes: helping us keep doing the great stuff we do.

The House of Good Deeds is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building community, leading by example, and improving the world through Altruism, one Good Deed at a time: everyone, everywhere, every day.

Altruism is the mindset behind selfless donation

It empowers us to connect people and create a community around the world. We help those in need, redeploy underutilized resources, avoid waste, provide volunteer opportunities, and encourage all people to be better people

Everyone has the power to improve the world by giving selflessly what they have to spare: time, money, effort, items, or knowledge.

Do you want to get involved ?

Are you looking to make a change in your community or want to get closer to the heart of our mission?

Community Involvements

  • Family Shelter
  • Good Deeds Giveaway
  • Javits Center vaccination site receive baked goods from HoGD and Levain Bakery.

…People helping People

The Sustainable Showroom Initiative

House of Good Deeds Fundraising Collaboration with Deliver Your Style! Upscale your Look, reward yourself, and support a great cause. Check out the video to learn more!

The Sustainable Showroom, a joint venture between HoGD and Deliver Your Style!

Words From Our Community

Altruism – selfless giving – built the House of Good Deeds, and we in turn build it in others.

“The House of Good Deeds is something special! this is a prime example of paying it forward, plus they actually care about and it shows”

― Mikey, Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

“Surprise is a way to create joy and some of these things come at a moment’s notice, so it’s a way to create joy in this world,”

― Jodi Way, Longtime Volunteer

“THANK YOU so much to House of Good Deeds for donating over 1000 uniforms to Brightside Manor in Teaneck New Jersey! HoGD drove and delivered the boxes of scrub tops, scrub pants, and lab coats from NYC all the way to New Jersey. We distributed the uniforms in various colors and sizes to our staff in several departments, from nursing to kitchen to housekeeping. We are all very grateful. Thank you for our new scrubs House of Good Deeds!!!!!!!”

― Frankie Santiago, Brightside Nursing

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House of Good Deeds
So many of you have been great at #volunteering, and really become part of the Good Deeds family. Now the rest of you have another chance...#Tomorrow (Friday) 9/23 at #11am we need #volunteers for #one #hour in #williamsburg to help us move donations in and out of the Good Deeds Bus. Text us if you can make it: 917.325.4548, or just meet us at 314 Scholes St in #brooklyn. If you haven't #volunteered lately - or ever - and have been wanting to help us help others... why not do it now? And if you're only viewing this after this #opportunity has ended, email us at and help us next time.#HoGD#volunteer#helpushelpothers#gooddeedsdonehere#thisiswhataltruismlookslike#showmewhataltruismlookslike ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

House of Good Deeds
Reminder: our next Good Deeds Giveaway is NOT TODAY - it's Thursday, October ... See MoreSee Less
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