Who We Are

The House Of Good Deeds is dedicated to building community, leading by example, and improving the world through Altruism, one Good Deed at a time: everyone, everywhere, every day.

Everyone has the power to improve the world by giving selflessly what they have to spare: time, money, effort, items, or knowledge.

Altruism is the mindset behind the selfless donation. It empowers us at the House of Good Deeds to connect people and create a community around the world. We help those in need, redeploy underutilized resources, avoid waste, provide volunteer opportunities, and encourage all people to be better people.

Our Story

Yuanyuan Wang was the most amazing person I’d ever met. She brightened a room with her compassionate, curious, playful energy. She was brilliant, clever, and beautiful. Beyond that, she was my wife for a few magical months.

My name is Leon Feingold, and this is our story. I met Yuanyuan in Shanghai in 2012 – she was a stranger I met through the CouchSurfing app, who let me stay on her couch for one night. When she came to NYC a few months later, I returned the favor and put her up for a few weeks.

By 2015 we were boyfriend and girlfriend, and in October 2016, I proposed. Our Facebook post with her wearing my ring got over 1500 likes! Less than a week later, and completely unexpectedly, Yuan was diagnosed with terminal metastatic cancer. She had only a few months to live.

Ten Principles of Altruism

Self Reliance

Seek answers first within yourself, then within your world

Self Improvement

What do we each really want and need?
What are our strengths and weaknesses?
Discover your truths, live them honestly and openly, and be better every day.


All are welcome to listen, learn, and practice Altruism in their manner of choosing.

Communal Building

Create and grow the community to support, mentor, and teach each other.

Good Deeds

Help others every day, without expectation of benefit for yourself.


Recognize and pursue what really matters beyond socialized worth.
Value people and organizations for their hearts, minds, and actions rather than social currency.


Live for the now!
This world is ours and its inhabitants are our family.
Life is short. Make the most of it.


Spread the message of Altruism in your words and deeds.


Let every interaction you have with the world, improve it.


Create, discover, feel, and share the love.
Connect with others and teach them how to love without shame or fear.